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Recruitment, Advertisement, Selection and Appointment

“Recruitment”, “Advertisement”, “Selection” and “Appointment” are different concepts under the service jurisprudence. “Recruitment” is the process of generating a pool of capable people to apply for employment in organization. Selection forms integral part of recruitment process, wherein from amongst eligible candidates, choice is made of person or persons capable to do the job as per the requirement. The process of selection begins with the issuance of advertisement and ends with the preparation of select list for appointment. “Appointment” is made, after selection process is over, issuance of letter in favour of selected candidates, is an offer to selected candidate to accept the office or position to which he has been selected. On acceptance of the terms and conditions of appointment, the selected candidates on joining has to be accepted as appointed. Ravi Raj v. State of U.P., Writ – A No. – 26584 of 2011, decided on February 7, 2020

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Teacher appointed on Ad Hoc Basis – In a Short Term Vacancy

In Smt. Pramila Mishra v. Deputy Director of Education, 1997 (2) UPLBEC 1329 (FB), it was held as under:

        “A teacher appointed by the management of the institution on ad hoc basis in a short term vacancy (leave vacancy/suspension vacancy), which is subsequently converted into a substantive vacancy in accordance with the provisions of the Uttar Pradesh Secondary Education Services Selection Board Act, 1982, Rules and Orders (On death, resignation, dismissal or removal of the permanent incumbent), cannot claim a right to continue. He has, however, a right to be considered alongwith other eligible candidates for ad hoc appointment in the substantive vacancy if he possesses the requisite qualifications.” Ram Govind Rai v. District Inspector of Schools, 2018 (4) AWC 3813.

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