Minority Institutions – Conditions of Service and Tenure of Teachers

As per Article 30 of the Constitution of India all minorities based on religion or language have been granted the right to establish and administer educational institutions of their choice. The nature of right of a minority institution to establish and administer an educational institution has been the subject matter of consideration in various decisions of the Hon’ble Supreme Court. While the right to ‘establish’ an educational institution has been held to mean to bring into existence an educational institution, the word ‘administer’ means the right to manage and conduct the affairs of the institution. There is a freedom to choose the managing body, the Principal and the staff. There is also freedom to admit students of its own choice. However the right to administer is not an absolute right and there is requirement to comply with conditions of recognition and affiliation. The right to administer has been held not to include the right of mal-administer. The general rules and regulations relating to the conditions of service and tenure of teachers under the employment of minority institutions are required to be consistent with such rules and regulations as framed by the State. Applicability of the provisions of Article 30(1) of the Constitution to a minority institution would not make it immune from the operation of regulatory measures. The extent of regulations by the State is permissible in the matter of service conditions of employees but without interfering with the overall administrative control by the Management over the staff. Professor Manorama Prakash Khandekar v. State of Maharashtra, 2020 SCC Online Bom 471.

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