Term Blacklist – Meaning of

The term “blacklist” has been defined in Black’s Law Dictionary, 9th Edition, in the following manner:

        “To put the name of (a person) on a list of those who are to be boycotted or punished.”

        Wharton’s Law Lexicon, 17th Edition, refers to the term “blacklist” as follows:

        “The term given to any list of persons with whom the person or body compiling the list advises or one should have dealings of the character indicated. Thus the list of defaulters on the Stock Exchange is so named, and various societies and individuals also publish lists with a similar purpose.”

        The terms “blacklist” and “blacklisting” have been described in Advanced Law Lexicon by P.Ramanatha Aiyar, 6th Edition, in the following manner:

        “Blacklist is a list of persons or firms against whom its compiler would warn the public, or some section of the public; a list of persons unworthy of credit, or with whom it is not advisable to make contracts. Thus the official list of defaulters on the Stock Exchange is a blacklist. To put a man’s name on such a blacklist without lawful causes is actionable; and the further publication of such a list will be restrained by injunction. A list of persons, firms, companies boycotted or punished.”

        “Blacklisting is a part of the paraphernalia of strike. It may be said to represent the malignant hate and revenge of the parties resorting to it. In its purpose and effects it is closely allied to a boycott. A “blacklist” is defined to be a list of the persons marked out for special avoidance, antagonism, and enmity on the part of those who prepare the list or those among whom it is intended to circulate , as where a trade union blacklists workmen who refuse to conform to it’s rules; but it is most usually resorted to by combined employers, who exchange lists of their employees who go on strikes, with the agreement that none of them will employ the workmen whose names are on the lists, and comes within the meaning of what is termed a ‘conspiracy’.         List of companies, products or people that are undesirable and to be avoided. In the U.S.A. the term means more specifically the denial of work to certain people on the grounds of their past beliefs or actions”. Baba Traders v. State of U.P., 2020 (1) AWC 500.

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