Hotel – Falls within the purview of Factories

In G.L Hotels Ltd. v. T.C. Sarin, (1993) 4 SCC 363, the Hon’ble Supreme Court even included Hotels to fall within the purview of factories by ruling thus:

“Since the manufacturing process in the form of cooking and preparing food is carried on in kitchen and the kitchen is a part of the hotel or a part of the precinct of the hotel, the entire hotel falls with the purview of the said definition of Factory.

In the same line, the decisions rendered in Poona Industrial Hotels Ltd. v. I.C. Sarin, 1983 (63) FLR 354 and ESI Corporation v. ITC Hotel Ashok, Bangalore, 1984 (64) FLR 184 answered the issue in clear terms that manufacture of food constitutes a Factory. Taj Madras Flight Kitchen Pvt. Ltd. v. Assistant Inspector of Labour, 2016 (150) FLR 315.


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