Accessory – Meaning of

The term “accessory” has been defined by lexicographers broadly to mean as something which contributes to or aids in an activity or process.
Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary defines it as – “a thing which can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile or attractive.”
According to Merriam Webster Dictionary it is “something added to something else to make it more useful, attractive or effective.”
Black’s Law Dictionary provides that the term “accessory—Means anything which is joined to another thing as an ornament or to render it more perfect or which accompanies it or is connected with it as an incident or as subordinate to it or which belongs to or with it. Adjunct or accompaniment. A thing of subordinate importance. Aiding or contributing in secondary way or assisting in or contributing to as a subordinate.”
The meaning of the expression “accessory” has been explained by the court in Annapurna Carbon Industries Co. v. State of A.P., (1976) 2 SCC 273, in the light of the question whether “arc carbon” is an “accessory” to cinema projectors or other cinematographic equipment under Item 4 of Schedule I to the Andhra Pradesh General Sales Tax Act, 1957 as follows:
“The term accessories is used in the Schedule to describe goods which may have been manufactured for use as an aid or addition.
Other meanings given there are “‘supplementary or secondary to something of greater or primary importance’, ‘additional’, ‘any of several mechanical devices that assist in operating or controlling the tone resources of an organ’. ‘Accessories’ are not necessarily confined to particular machines for which they may serve as aids. The same item may be an accessory of more than one kind of instrument.” Commissioner of Sales Tax v. AKZO Nobel India Ltd., (2014) 16 SCC 242.


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