Horse Racing – Is Entertainment Business

As per Concise Oxford English Dictionary, 11th Edition (Revised), the word “entertainment” has been assigned the following meaning:
“entertainment. – the action of providing or being provided with amusement or enjoyment>and event or performance designed to entertain.”
According to Black’s Law Dictionary, 7th Edition (1999), the term “entertain” means, inter alia:
“entertain.-(2) To amuse or please”
According to Words and Phrases, Permanent Edition, Vol. 14-A, the term “entertainment” has been held to mean, the following:
“Entertainment denotes that which serves for amusement and ‘amusement’ is defined as a pleasurable occupation of the senses or that which furnishes it, as dancing, sports or music. Young v. Broadwater County High School, 4 P 2d 725 : 90 Mont 576 (1931).
According to Corpus Juris Secundum, Vol. XXX, the term “entertainment” has been explained as follows:
“Entertainment.—The second meaning of the term is a diverting performance, especially a public performance, as a concert, drama or the like; a source or means of amusement; instruction or amusement afforded by anything seen or heard, as a spectacle, a play etc.; mental enjoyment or that which amuses or diverts; that which serves for amusement; also the act of providing gratification or diversion. The term has been held to include recreational activities, such as games, sports plays and dancing.”
Therefore it can be safely concluded that “entertainment” is an activity that provides with amusement or gratification. Further, it would include public performances, including games and sports.
As observed in K.R. Lakshmanan v. State of Tamil Nadu, (1996) 2 SCC 226 that:
“Horse Racing is an organized institution. Apart from a sport, it has become a huge public entertainment business.”
Therefore, it can be said that horse racing is indeed a form of entertainment. Bangalore Turf Club Ltd. V. Regional Director, ESI Corporation, (2014) 9 SCC 657.

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